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how to choice the sports flooring


Sports Flooring , which was popular in Europe and Southeast Asia earlier, did not enter the domestic market until the 1990s. Therefore, many people do not know what sports flooring is. A good quality sports floor is an urgent need for many sports venues or sports venues. However, the question of how to pick a sports floor has become a headache for many buyers. If the selection is wrong, it will not only affect the overall level of the stadium, but it will also easily cause economic losses. Here we summarize a few points about how to pick a sports floor.

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What is a sports floor

Sports floor, floor dedicated to sports grounds. Using PVC + fillers and additives, produced through various processes. It has become increasingly popular in China and its application has become more and more extensive.

What are the types of sports flooring?

Sports floor is divided into two categories: one is the indoor sports floor, and the other is the Outdoor Sports Floor. Among them, it is divided into several small categories, including: professional sports flooring, PVC plastic sports flooring and so on.

basketball court

What are the characteristics of sports flooring?

The first point, moderate deformation when impacted, reduce the impact of injury on people;

The second point is to absorb the vibrations during exercise so that the ankles, joints, and even the brain are protected from damage.

The third point is that the friction is moderate to ensure sports safety;

The fourth point is to return the energy generated by the exercise and the exercise performance is improved;

The fifth point is that it is good in terms of load-bearing and firmness and will not be damaged by the movement of facilities.

basketball court

Some points about how to pick a sports floor

1. High safety performance

A good sports floor reduces the chance of people being injured. Outdoor sports flooring must be waterproof, non-slip, and fully enjoy the pleasure of sports, especially for professional athletes and children.

2. Comfortable

Comfort is the standard for measuring good and bad. Many people are more concerned about this. It is recommended that you use your feet or hands to feel the hardness and shock resistance. A comfortable sports floor not only brings enjoyment to the sports personnel, but also improves the safety factor.

3. Wide application

The reason why it is popular is not only because of its high safety factor, but also because it meets the needs of different venues. Today's sports flooring is stylish, colorful and colorful.

basketball court

4. Long service life

When buying something, people will ask about the service life. Many people choose sports flooring, not only because of their safety and comfort, but also because of their low wear rate and strong bearing capacity, so they have a long service life.

5. Aesthetic appearance

People are eager to pursue beautiful things. The traditional colors are simple and it is difficult to meet the needs of some venues. The sports floor, on the other hand, changes colors and matches the overall design to customize the appearance.

6. Reference case

Before picking the sports floor, refer to the cases and select the appropriate ones according to your own needs. Do not follow blindly.

7. Budget control

For how much money to spend, it is difficult for owners to hear the exact answer. It is important for investors to spend money to meet the requirements. Budgets formulated during the planning phase need to avoid accidents so that they cannot be carried out as planned.

Editor's summary: The above is the sports floor what are the characteristics of several points on the method of selecting sports flooring related knowledge, hope to help meet the needs of friends! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up Will present more exciting content!

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